DIY silk scarves


Having a wrinkly, cold neck is totally uncool. DIY silk scarves are the perfect solution for jazzing up a dull outfit and for hiding some imperfections. You can keep your looks trendy and interesting simply by making a silk scarf with interesting patterns and colours. Fabric stores keep a wonderful variety of fabrics used for scarves. Silk is sold in different widths. These fabric shops know how to rip the fabric across and then lengthwise for DIY silk scarves. You will then have to sew in your scarf hems. Some people iron the hems around the scarf before sewing them, while others hand roll the hem and then sew. If you use a loose whip stitch, you can cleverly hide your stitches in the fabric created by the hems. Wash your scarf gently, iron it and wear. As you wear your scarf with any outfit you like, you’ll see, feel and look stylish, transforming ho-hum looks into an attractive eye-catching neck-piece.


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