DIY clothing refashion ideas

It’s always very sad when you outgrow that favourite t-shirt or sweater, sometimes you cannot get another like it, either because they went out of stock or it was specially made just for you. Well with the advent of DIY clothing refashion you can now have a little more time with that favourite shirt, jeans or sweater. DIY clothing refashion involves some very creative and easy ways to transform clothes that might have been considered as waste into functional household items or clothes. The most popular clothing refashion in recent times involves the use of old denim jeans to make items such as bags, backpacks, placemats, cup holders, dish racks, the list is endless really. There are also many ways to transform that tight t-shirt or sweater into something unique and stylish just by cutting out the back and adding a little lace. Your old sweatshirt could also switch roles and serve you as a skirt just by tying a cute bow on your waist. So next time you have some old clothes that you are thinking of throwing away just try a DIY refashion on it, it is easy and needs no special skills to complete.

DIY clothing refashion


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