DIY House Projects Take on a New Twist

Diy house projects

I’ve told you before that a group of us meet on Sundays, coming together with lots of crafty ideas for DIY house projects and other fabulous items. Last Sunday, one of the ladies in the group came along wearing a really pretty crocheted top. There wasn’t much to it really – it looked almost hippie inspired but we all agreed that we wanted to each make ourselves one of these crocheted tops but in different colours. With sleeves or sleeveless, they look cool with jeans or a long skirt. Suddenly there’s a feverish excitement in our group to get them done while we still have the weather to wear them. We’re moving a bit away from DIY house projects and concentrating on crochet supplies for now – crochet hooks, yarn, cotton fibre and other materials we could use, I fancy silk! Certainly generated a lot of conversation and interest. There is even a younger girl in our group who says she’s making herself a crocheted bikini for when she goes on holiday to the Seychelles; anyone got any patterns for bikinis? Found a few on Pinterest but not sure if you could actually swim in them…mind you I think it is just for posing in!


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