Add some Interest to Your Wool Garments

Natural dyeing making use of native Australian plants is exciting on silk fabrics for starters, but did you know that you can even get wool ready for natural dyeing? For colder days, why not move fabric dyeing to wool and liven up some of your dreary cardigans? Belinda Evans of Alchemy teaches one how to prepare wool and make it colourfast and even how to collect and prepare native plant materials for yarn dyeing. The great thing is you can attend a class and be inspired by others or you can pick up some tips and info online.

The easy peasy part is that you simply make use of some equipment and ingredients that you no doubt have in your kitchen already. The techniques you learn with Belinda Evans will work on new or old wool.  When you attend a course such as this one by Belinda, make sure to wear items of clothing that you aren’t going to mind if they get some splashes of dye on. You’ll take home some samples of yarn and fabric complete with information and notes on the  preparation, mordanting and dyeing process for wool. Lasting just one day, these courses are a great way for beginners to learn just a bit more to add some awesome interest to your wool garments.


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