Eco Dyeing – we can all do it.


Eco dyed 'emerald eyes' silk scarf

Hand Dyed Silk Scarf

There has been a lot about eco dyeing in recent years. In my background reading I found some wonderful blogs that are ageless, the information relevant when ever it was written.I will include the ones I found most interesting in the links below.

Dyeing with plants is as old as wearing garments, maybe an accidental discovery or deliberate who knows but what we do know is with the onset of fashion and chemicals and business opportunities it fell more and more into the background.This is slowly changing as sustainable and green approaches as being seen a way forward. Not only for the fringe  or extremists but for everyone.

Natalie Billing Australian artist is very popular with the Queensland Spinners, Weavers, and Fibre Artists  an excellent organisation founded in 1969; has held a number of training days and workshops on botanical dyeing. I missed two this past year I am so annoyed about that. Need to watch out for them next year thats for sure. This artist not only uses the plants for dyeing but also the leaves themselves for use in her art. This blog has an interesting tutorial on extracting dyes and this blog, Threadbourne  for step by step instructions and a host of fascinating information.

I thought it might be interesting to list all the different plants that you can grow and use to make dyes so that is on the agenda for next post.

Now I want to end with a cautionary tale – be careful what pans you use for dyeing because it can damage them… I have had to purchase a whole new set of pans for my mum because I ruined hers. I guess asking her first might have been a  good idea. Thanks to she has a new set of pots for the kitchen and while I was at it I have some for my dyeing processes.


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