Finger Weaving Gorgeous Peasant Braids

As I’ve said, colour and fibre have been part of my life, and meeting once a month on a Sunday has opened up a fantastic time of like-minded brilliance. Last time somebody came up with this awesome ides of finger weaving peasant braids. Use gorgeous colourful braids, seen a lot in Peru, can be used for making things like book markers, watch straps, chokers, scarves, sashes and even dresses and headwear. Before you know it, with some simple hand tools, you’ll be weaving exquisite blankets and garments. In Peru they even try to keep these ancient weaving techniques.


Finger weaving I’ve since discovered is a process of making woven cloth by simply using your fingers. As well as actually being a simple form of weaving and you can manipulate certain colours of yarn with your fingers. What I absolutely love is that finger weaving can be done anywhere. If you’re traveling and not doing the driving, you can be weaving. Of course the easiest patterns to make in finger weaving are diagonal bands of colour. I’m told that once the principle of separating the warp ends and inserting the wefts has been achieved, diamond patterns for instance can be worked by grouping the yarn differently and weaving it in two directions.


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